Natural gas has been used for a long time in this country, and there are still many homes out there that use natural gas for the majority of their appliances. If the appliance is old, it might be equipped with a pilot light for ignition. Pilot lights consist of a small flame that is fed by a constant supply of gas which will ignite the main burner when the gas is turned on for it. The reason why manufacturers went away from this practice is that there are some serious safety concerns with a pilot light.

While there are safeguards in place to prevent it, there is a possibility that your pilot light will go out and the gas will continue to flow. This situation could get even worse if the main burner is turned on and not igniting. It could lead to a gas explosion. A second, but not as serious issue with pilot lights is that they are a constant waste of gas. While it is a small amount that is being used, the flow of gas is constant and it adds up over the year.

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