Whether you are buying, selling, or planning for renovations, we are here to help. Our inspection process combines performing a visual inspection, moisture testing, infrared inspection, as well as drone inspection, if needed.


The inspector will do a thorough observation of the stucco system, noting visual defects, improper installations, and any signs of possible moisture intrusion. This part of the inspection allows the inspector to make an educated determination of moisture testing locations. All findings during the visual inspection are detailed on the inspection report.

Cypress TX Stucco Inspections


Following the visual inspection, the inspector will perform moisture testing of the substrate. The inspector will select areas for moisture testing based on the findings during the visual inspection and other vulnerable areas. This process includes drilling 2 small holes (3/16th”) for the moisture meter probes, obtaining moisture content and substrate condition, then sealing the holes with sealant.

In many cases, the inspector will be able to use a colored sealant similar to the exterior paint. If this cannot be accomplished, the inspector will seal the holes using a clear, paintable sealant. 


We will perform an infrared scan inside the home, scanning all accessible exterior walls containing stucco cladding. An infrared camera, paired with a pinless moisture meter, is an invaluable tool for stucco inspections.

Our high-quality cameras can help us to identify moisture intrusion where visible signs of moisture or damage may have not yet occurred.


If needed, the inspector will use a drone to take pictures of the exterior that may not be accessible due to reasons such as, height of the structure, type of roof covering, or other areas which are deemed inaccessible. Drones give us the advantage to inspect what otherwise would be inaccessible and not inspected.

Important Note: The FAA sets various flight restrictions that may prevent the inspector from being able to perform a drone inspection.


Learn what you need to know after your stucco inspection with our free guide! Included with every stucco inspection that we perform.

Cypress TX Stucco Inspections
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